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Keystone Ranch was planted in 1889 on the banks of the Entiat River, just a stones throw from the mighty Columbia. Native Americans camped, gathered berries and hunted here each fall. Pioneers planted 125 acres of apples, pears and cherry trees and sold them under the Keystone Fruit Company label for decades. Now a new generation has planted wine grapes in this unique terroir. The grapes are grown in alluvial stony soil, watered with the pure mountain snow melt of the Entiat Glacier, crushed, fermented and gravity flowed into our century old cellar for aging. Enjoy!

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Tasting Notes:

The 2017 Keystone Chardonnay is an unfiltered estate wine grown in the rocky soil of the Entiat River Valley. The aroma is almost vanilla, and while it smells wonderfully sweet, it was fermented to zero Brix so there is no residual sugar and it is a dry wine. The secret to the delicious taste and the viscosity is in the yeast we use from France. Citrus notes are clearly evident and some folks taste lychee. We have only 14 cases remaining in the winery as it is very popular. The 2018 Chardonnay was just bottled last month and will be available mid-summer.

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